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HAAS SL and TL VQC Upgrade

Add New Templates to Haas Visual Quick Code

Features include:

     OD and ID notching with user defined corner break

     Face Grooving with corner break

     OD and ID threading using only Diameter, Pitch and Z depth

     ID bores have a "Front 45" chamfer option for corner break

     Tool changes are tailored for a turning center or a TL series manual tool change

     Custom code revisions are available (home positions, tool numbers, X/Z motions before and after operations, etc etc.)

Fadal VMC Buzzer

100 Decibel Buzzer for Fadal VMC

Features include:

     Programmable via M7 command in program (Through spindle coolant must be deactivated)

     Plugs directly into "Spray Mist" coolant outlet (Standard 120V wall outlet)

     Eliminate wasted cycle time by programming the buzzer to alert the operator from within the actual NC program

     Activate before an M0, before operator attention is required, before the last few seconds of a program so operator

          can be standing by for a part change

     Small package, shrouded in black rubber protects the device from debris

     Plug and Play

 logical solutions in manufacturing

RS232 Control Unit

Add New Devices and Sensor Monitoring to  CNC Machinery

Prototype Model V1.1B is currently functional and being finalized for beta production release.  Contact us to evaluate one!

Features include:

     RS232 inline serial listening capability 

     Does not interfere with communications

     Fully programmable RS232 baud rates up to 115.2K, 7 or 8 bit, E/O/N Parity and 1 or 2 Stop Bit

     Interface relays for addition of peripherals such as skip signal interface, air valve activation, e-stop activation, buzzer

     Python programming language reacts to real time "DPRNT" (MACRO LANGUAGE) information issued inline in G-code programs 

     Optional additions to the unit include hobby servo control and ADC interface to monitor coolant levels, etc

     *This device is also designed to send Gcode programs to GRBL controlled machinery via the external push buttons.